Global support

We support customer's product lines globally.

Industrial growth and progress are rapid and remarkable in overseas recently. Number of product lines established by Japanese manufacturers has been greatly increasing outside Japan. Especially in automobile industry that we have been putting a great deal of effort,manufacturers increasingly set up the lines and plants in Asia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Russia.
We "O-WELL" are in the partnership with them as a “supporter”of side materials such as paints, chemical materials and electronics parts. In addition to the supplement of those side materials, we are now expanding our import and export trades into Asia, North America,and Europe.




Paint, resins, pigments, coating equipment, measuring equipment, Adhesive, special chemical material, electronics components, LED

Export Band saw, metal parts, pre-coated sheet metal, paint jig, masking material, filters, paint, coating equipment, measuring equipment, industrial brush roll, special chemical material


Paint Application
Equipment & Devices

Pre-Coat Alminium

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