Message from President

Since our foundation in 1943, as a trading company in production goods, we have had stable business, having been engaged in the paint-related business and the electric and electronic components business for many years thanks to excellent customers and suppliers. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to continued patronage from all of you.

Now, the external environment is changing dramatically at a speed that we have never experienced. This is a great chance to create a new business.
We will boldly take on the challenge of “creating the future” based on the twin pillars of “improving productivity of existing businesses” and “creating new businesses” in order to achieve our Social mission of “The most appropriate coordination and distribution” and Company target of “Highly motivated energetic company” as stated in our Corporate philosophy.

The first step is to realize the vision of the Mid-term Business Plan MAP21-23: “Become a partner of manufacturers for creating a prosperous future for people. – We are O-Well!” The “production site” refers to all processes such as planning, development, design, procurement, manufacturing, and quality assurance of product development. “Partner” means the presence that must be present. Our Group embodies our desire to be an indispensable presence for all of our customers with such “manufacturing sites.” To this end, our group will focus on solving the issues of our customers, and take action to solve the issues based on our mid-term management policy of “Clarify the customers’ issues, and think and act to solve the issues.”

Yasuharu Kawato

The value provided by O-Well is “a solution to customer’s issues.”

We provide a solution to customer’s issues
with our products, functions and mind.


PRODUCT: Products and services
FUNCTION: O-Well’s functions
MIND: Delivery of products and services by persons

The value provided by us
is determined by multiplication of these three factors.