Message from President

Since our foundation in 1943, we have been a production goods trading company for many years, benefiting from excellent customers and suppliers, and we have been engaged in stable business. Thanks to this, we were able to celebrate the 80th anniversary of its foundation on November 8, 2023. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported us.

Now, the external environment is changing dramatically at a speed that we have never experienced before. This is a great chance to create a new business.
In order to achieve the company target of “Highly motivated energetic company” based on the social mission “The most appropriate coordination and distribution,” which is set out in the Corporate philosophy, we will take on the challenge to “create the future.”

Our group launched a new Mid-term Business plan, “MAP24-26,” in fiscal 2024.
With social concepts such as DX and SX being penetrated and realized, the global “manufacturing site” is continuously developing and evolving toward the creation and realization of a sustainable world, with significant changes in existing frameworks and systems. Under such circumstances, we will aim to realize and achieve our vision of “establishment of a global brand O-Well” ten years from now. Our new vision is to “lead the development and evolution of manufacturing sites and contribute to the creation and realization of a sustainable world.” We will aim to become a company that continues to contribute to society further by innovating and creating value that we provide. ”

Yasuharu Kawato


The value provided by O-Well is “a solution to customer’s issues.”

We provide a solution to customer’s issues
with our products, functions and mind.

PRODUCT: Products and services
FUNCTION: O-Well’s functions
MIND: Delivery of products and services by persons

The value provided by us
is determined by multiplication of these three factors.