Corporate Philosophy

Social mission 
The Most Appropriate Coordination and Distribution

We always give customers the most appropriate solutions to meet their expectations.
We act positively to meet the customer’s needs and propose our idea ahead of others, in our own original way.

Corporate target

Highly Motivated Energetic Company

We are aiming to be a company in which:
our employees show their ability and feel a sense of fulfillment on their work,
have aims in their work, and
work actively.

Management policy

  1. Customer-oriented attitude
    We provide products and services according to customer’s requests, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  2. Logic and emotion
    We want every employee to have an interest in the development of the company and themselves.
  3. Harmony with society
    We strive to show the public the sociality through our operation.

Principle of our action

  1.  Unique thought
    We do business with our own unique ideas.
  2. The will to go ahead of others
    We always act and think ahead of others.
  3. Considerate behavior
    We recognize the importance of every encounter at any time.