Paint and Coating Technology

Product line

Product items

■Paint and coating materials

For vehicles
For railway trains
For ocean development equipment
For industrial equipment
For colored steel sheets
For heavy electrical machinery
For beverage cans
For woodwork
For home appliances
For equipment
For shipbuilding
For metallic furniture and fittings
For bridges
For general equipment and facilities
For steel materials
For construction and building materials
For aircrafts
For nuclear equipment
Other special paint and coating materials

■Metallic surface treatment agents

Metallic cleaners
Rust-preventive agents, etc.

■Coating equipment

Various painting/coating booths
Powder coating machines
Infrared dryers
Paint circulation systems
UV dryers
Heating furnaces (heating/preheating)
Melting furnaces
Hot-air dryers
Pretreatment equipment
Electrodeposition coating machines
Automatic coating machines

■Painting/coating devices/tools

Spray guns
Air compressors
Electrostatic coating machines
Blasting machines
Airless coating machines
Coating/industrial nozzles

■Pollution control equipment

Dust collectors
Deodorizing equipment

■Special equipment

Industrial dehumidifiers
Automatic copper plate coating machines
Industrial robots
Heat exchangers and water supply/drainage pipes
Contract cleaning
Continuous automatic filters
Pipe interior cleaning equipment
Special painting/coating booths

■Measuring devices

Various testers(Zwick)
Physical quantity/physical property measuring devices
Analytical/monitoring/observational instruments and other instruments
General-purpose physicochemical devices