Special lighting equipment designed by our Company
We propose optimum lighting environment for every scene through our unique idea and reliable technology.


We design and develop lighting products for various facilities, including plants and warehouses.
In addition, we develop and commercialize built-in lighting and custom lighting that can improve the product value.

Our Advantage

Advantages in lighting business

O-Well’s three advantages in lighting business are introduced.


Built-in lighting and custom lighting!

“Built-in lighting” that will be incorporated in customers’ products and improve the product value. To design and develop built-in lighting meeting the demands of each customer, we take part in the production starting from the development stage.
“Custom lighting” is a product customized to the customer’s demands and environment to solve the customer’s issues.



One-stop solution to lighting!

With our product line, we can conduct on-site survey, illuminance design and installation work for plants, warehouses and sport facilities.



Special lighting!

We offer LED lighting with special specifications (high color rendering) for severe environment (high/low temperature, high humidity, etc.) and various uses and explosion-proof lighting combining various designs and wavelengths.