Our Advantage

Advantages in lighting business

01Built-in lighting and custom lighting! 


We develop and commercialize built-in lighting that will be incorporated in customers’ products and improve the product value and custom lighting that can solve the customers’ issues.

O-Well develops and commercializes not only general-purpose products for industrial facilities developed to meet various environmental conditions of customers, but also “built-in lighting” that functions as part of customers’ products or equipment to improve the product value and “custom lighting” designed to suit the customers’ uses, purposes and demands.

Development process

Development process

We take part in the product concept/planning stage where we offer various proposals for realizing the customer’s needs in the actual product and solving its issues and help in creating an attractive and high value-added product.

Plant factories

植物工場Our products can realize optimum wavelength and light intensity for the customer’s purpose and the kind and growing process of the plant. We support the customers in increasing the growth and harvest efficiency and improving the taste and texture.

Food showcases

冷蔵ショーケース用LED照明Our products are installed as light sources in showcases for keeping fresh food, such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and sweets, and show the food more attractive with optimum light.

Furniture and household equipment

住宅用什器Our products are used as compact light sources in various household equipment in kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Recently, there is a growing need not only for practical use, but also for creating good atmosphere.

Equipment for merchandise exhibition

商品展示用什器Our products contribute to creating a suitable image for the whole shop as well as to enhancing the appeal of merchandise with the effective light. The products with light and color adjustment functions can be smoothly adjusted when items are replaced.

Railway trains

鉄道車両Our products meet the strict standards for train lighting, such as non-combustibility, melt-dripping resistance and vibration resistance. They provide a bright and comfortable environment in trains.

02One-stop solution to lighting! 


With our product line, we can conduct on-site survey, illuminance design and installation work for plants, warehouses and sport facilities.

We can completely respond to the requirements at the site. We are a lighting manufacturer but can serve as a lighting consultant (field investigation and illuminance design and examination) and perform the installation work.
Also, we procure other manufacturers’ products through our wide trading network and provide proposals and total coordination.
In addition, we are developing and selling unique products for plants, warehouses and sports facilities.

03Special lighting! 


We offer LED lighting with special specifications (high color rendering) for severe environment (high/low temperature, high humidity, etc.) and various uses and explosion-proof lighting combining various designs and wavelengths.

Besides these products, we are developing and commercializing the following special lighting to meet various customers’ needs and solve their issues.

  • Inspection lighting that reproduces sunlight spectrum to check the paint color
  • Handy lighting that can be moved freely by battery drive to illuminate the required place
  • F4 class cold storage lighting that can be used in an ultracold environment at -60℃
  • Warning lighting installed on the floor for preventing access and entry to dangerous areas

Applicable in a high temperature environment at 70℃


BL-HT Series can be used in a severe
high temperature environment at 70℃
because their lamps and power supplies are designed optimally to improve heat dissipation.

Continuous lighting at 70℃ 

It has passed the continuous lighting test for 240 hours in a thermostatic chamber at 80℃.

Design life of 60,000 hours
in an environment kept at 60℃
and 40,000 hours at 70℃

LED light source: 60,000 hours or more (at 70℃)
Power supply:  60,000 hours or more (at 60℃), 40,000 hours or more (at 70℃)

LED light source:
60,000 hours or more (at 70℃)
Power supply:
60,000 hours or more (at 60℃), 40,000 hours or more (at 70℃)

Usable in a wide temperature range from -30℃ to 70℃
Passed the thermal-shock test for 100 cycles of [-30℃ 30 min & +80℃ 30 min].